The ability to manipulate implosions. Sub-power of Volatile Force Manipulation. Opposite to Explosion Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Implosion Control


The user can create, shape and manipulate implosion, a massive compression of matter and energy where a large difference between either internal and external pressure or inward and outward forces causes an object to collapse in on itself or its occupied space. If the object is not destroyed, it will result in a highly dense form.

Though material from the original substance can be violently released from the process (i.e., an explosion), such reactions do not happen with every implosion.



Low-Level Implosions

  • The user can manipulate implosions that are rather weak in strength. An example is a sealed/heated can exposed to cold temperatures.

Medium-Level Implosions

  • The user can to manipulate "normal" kinds of implosions that range from a car imploding or a house imploding.

High-Level Implosions

  • The user can manipulate very powerful implosions, such as those strong enough to collapse a building and nuclear scale implosions.

Cosmic-Level Implosions

  • The user can manipulate cosmic scale implosions, such as singularities, black holes and up to wormholes.



Known Users

Known Objects

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