""Impossible" is just a word people use to feel good about themselves when they quit"
― Vyse (Skies of Arcadia)

The ability to make possible events impossible. Sub-power of Logic Manipulation. Variation of Universal Irreversibility. Opposite to Possibility Inducement. Technique of Impossibility Manipulation.


The user can make things impossible, essentially making them not happen. They can use this ability for a range of effects on themselves, others and their surroundings. The user can change the course of fate by simply preventing things from happening.




  • May not be able to manipulate what is also possible.
  • May be limited to the users level of imagination.
  • Weak against Miracle Performing.

Known Users

  • Bruce Nolan (Bruce Almighty)
  • Discord (My Little Pony Series)
  • Creasion (Senyu)
  • Gogo Dodo (Tiny Toon Adventures)
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