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* Gae Bulge (''TYPE-MOON Fate'')
* Gae Bulge (''TYPE-MOON Fate'')
* The God-Killer Dagger (''Skulduggery Pleasant'')
* The God-Killer Dagger (''Skulduggery Pleasant'')
* Vorpal Sword (''Dungeons and Dragons'')
==Known Objects==
==Known Objects==

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Power to create continually damaging affliction. Sub-power of Lethal Actions. Combination of Wound Inducement and Damage Amplification.

Also Called

  • Continuing/Recursive Damage


User can cause physical, spiritual and/or mental damage which will continue over time.





  • May be hard or even impossible to stop. 
  • User may not be able to control the damage or the length of extension.

Known Users

  • Akame (Akame Ga Kill!)
  • Yoka (Houshin Engi)
  • Doryu (Rave Master)
  • Lancer (TYPE-MOON Fate)
  • Ravager (Worm)
  • Sans (Undertale); via Karmic Retribution

Known Weapons

  • Kiri Ichimonji (Akame Ga Kill!)
  • Twilight Sword (Rave Master)
  • Gae Bulge (TYPE-MOON Fate)
  • The God-Killer Dagger (Skulduggery Pleasant)
  • Vorpal Sword (Dungeons and Dragons)

Known Objects

  • Gold Kryptonite (DC Comics)
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