"Look, you stupid bastard, you've got no arms left!"
"Yes I have."
"Just a flesh wound."
― King Arthur and the Black Knight (Monty Python and the Holy Grail)
"We were told you'd been fatally wounded!"
"Yes, I'd been told that as well. I chose to ignore it and continue living"
― Two Kinds
"Aren't you hurt?"
"Of course not. There's no pain in the Garden of Eden."
― Marge and Homer Simpson (The Simpsons)

The ability to not be affected by harm.

Also Called

  • Damage/Harm/Injury Ignoring


User can be harmed but this does not impede on their ability to function on any level. For example, a stab to the heart would be a stab to the heart, but they would survive and continue on their way, sometimes without even being slowed down.




  • User usually have a specific weakness that bypasses their immunity that can still affect them.
  • User may not be immune to discomfort or pain, therefore making it possible to weaken, slow down or stun them. 

Known Users


  • Deadites (Evil Dead Series)
  • Michael Myers (Halloween Series)
  • Black Knight (Monty Python and the Holy Grail)
  • Crew of the Black Pearl (Pirates of the Carribean); via the Cursed Treasure of Cortés
  • Jack the Monkey (Pirates of the Carribean); via the Cursed Treasure of Cortés
  • Davy Jones (Pirates of the Carribean)
  • Talons (Batman vs Robin)


  • Angels (Supernatural)
  • Demons (Supernatural)
  • Vampires (Supernatural)
  • Olympia (Hero Heights)


  • Ouma Kurogane (Chivalry of a Failed Knight)
  • Tanaka (Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya)
  • Mannequin Soldiers (Full Metal Alchemist)
  • Toori Aoi (Horizon In The Middle of Nowhere); via Funny Man's Ability
  • Hitomi Uzaki (Killing Bites)
  • Guri (Love Tyrant)
  • Karin Yuuki (UQ Holder)
  • Barbarous Bears (User of the Golden Words)

Known Objects

  • Two-Ton Tunic (Xiaolin Showdown)


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