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*Ink Control
*Ink Control

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The power to manipulate ink.

Also Called

  • Ink Control
  • Melanokinesis


It is the ability to control and manipulate ink at will. This includes moving ink, inducing ink production within subjects capable of such, using it to write/alter messages or images into documents, tattoos, etc. Users can mold ink into a variety of shapes and forms and create makeshift weapons to attack or defend.


  • Users can change the color and substance of the ink.
  • Users can mold ink to form variously desired shapes and forms such as weapons and tools.
  • Users can solidify ink.
  • Users can turn ink into gaseous state.
  • Users can animate ink.
  • Users can change the words written in manuscripts, text papers and written books.
  • Users can turn the ink sticky to trap the opponent.
  • Users can make the ink poisonous.
  • Users can form a smoke screen for cover.
  • Users can erect strong and powerful shields and barriers of varying sizes out of pure solid ink.
  • Some users can control color ink.
  • In Samuel's case, the user can absorb and manipulate ink and rocks.
  • Users can make constructs out of ink.



  • Users can only control and manipulate items that has ink content.
  • Low-level users can be limited on how ink is around, unless they can produce of their own.
  • Some may only control certain kind of ink.

Known Users

  • Tudo Sukoto/Tattoo (Marvel)
  • Ink (Marvel) - Got his powers from Leon Nunez
  • Leon Nunez (Marvel)
  • Sai (Naruto)
  • Samuel Sullivan (Heroes)
  • Vince (MisFits)
  • Characters of Tattoo Assassins
  • Sqwyyd (Generator Rex)
  • Ink (Wild Cards series)
  • Tattooed Man (DC Comics)
  • Brushogon (Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo)
  • Ikaros Much (One Piece)
  • Pokemon that use the move Octazooka (Pokemon series)


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