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*[[Hyper Connection]]
*[[Hyper Connection]]
*[[Indomitable Will]]
*[[Indomitable Will]]
*[[Inner Beast Companionship]]
*[[Mind Link]]
*[[Mind Link]]
*[[Mind Melding]]
*[[Mind Melding]]

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The power to collaborate with ones inner demon/beast living inside you. Sub-power of Inner Beast Mastery and Inner Beast Companionship. Combination of Inner Beast and Entity Bonding.


The user can collaborate and synchronize with their inner demons/beasts, allowing them to access their power without the risk of losing control and going berserk unintentionally. They can draw power from their inner beast to gain the strength and ferocity to destroy anything in their path while simultaneously maintaining control and sanity, enabling them get stronger while being able to distinguish friend from foe and act as they normally would altogether.

User may find a way to make peace with their inner beast to become one with each other, finding the way of coexistence through collaborating. This not only allows users to form bonds with their inner beasts but also find inner peace for both them and their beast, ending whatever struggles they may have had in the past.




  • Tranquilizers
  • May be vulnerable to bullets and other objects.
  • Removal of the inner beast may result in death due to the process of removal being extremely painful and taxing on energy.

Known Users

  • Crona (Soul Eater)
  • Jinchūriki (Naruto)


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