The power to gain powers by hosting inner beasts in one's body. Sub-power of Inner Beast. Variation of Symbiosis.


The user can host an inner beast within themselves, being able to gain and harness their powers and qualities for their own purposes. They can join forces with their inner beast and communicate and understand one another through their symbiotic connections.

The user can also use their symbiotic relationship to negotiate with one another, exchanging something for each other's assistance in any given situations. With their symbiosis, users can possibly manifest their inner beast using their energy, matter, etc, giving their inner beast a form through themselves.




  • The inner beast may completely take over the host's mind/or body (Possession).
  • The power wielded may be dangerous to the user.
  • The powerful inner beast may harm or even destroy the host 's body.
  • Bond Destruction could defeat the user.
  • Users may permanently be stock with their inner beast.

Known Users


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