The power to have no discernible scent. Sub-power of Sense Manipulation. Variation of Tracking Evasion.

Also Called

  • Olfaction Negation
  • Scent Suppression
  • Scentless


The user's body possesses no discernible scent, allowing them to evade users of Enhanced Smell among other things.



  • May not be able to turn ability "off."

Known Users

  • Cassandra (Big Wolf on Campus)
  • Christina (Big Wolf on Campus)
  • Garbage Man with no nose (Family Guy)
  • Kanna (InuYasha)
  • Morph (Marvel Comics)
  • Fantomex (Marvel Comics)
  • David North (Marvel Comics)
  • Akihiro Daken (Marvel Comics)
  • Kabuto Yakushi (Naruto)
  • Kylar Stern (Night Angel Trilogy); via Black Ka'kari
  • Durzo Blint (Night Angel Trilogy); via Black Ka'kari
  • Jean-Baptiste Grenouille (Perfume)
  • The Owl (Wolf's Rain)
  • Grue (Worm)
  • Vague ("Extinctioners")


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