"Of course I have! You ever tried going mad without power? It's boring! No one listens to you!"
― Russ Cargill (The Simpsons Movie)

The power to gain strength from insanity. Technique of Madness Manipulation. Variation of Affinity.

Also Called

  • Insanity Affinity
  • Madness Affinity/Empowerment
  • Pandemonium Empowerment


User becomes stronger, faster, more durable, etc. by insanity of oneself and others, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing the existing powers. Some users may be able draw sustenance from the insanity or even slow or stop aging.




  • Hard to control.
  • User may not be immune to negative effects.

Known Users

See Also: Power Born of Madness

  • The Joker (DC Comics)
  • Doomsday (DC Comics)
  • Leon (Eat-Man)
  • The Master (Doctor Who)
  • Dalek Caan (Doctor Who)
  • Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic)
  • Freakazoid! (Freakazoid!)
  • Cyric the Mad (Forgotten Realms)
  • Mystra (Forgotten Realms); via curing Halaster's madness
  • Sargeras (Warcraft)
  • Madness of Deathwing (World of Warcraft: Cataclysm)
  • Old Gods (Lovecraftian Mythology)
  • Cthulhu (Lovecraftian Mythology)
  • Old Gods (Warcraft)
  • Cletus Kasady/Carnage (Marvel Comics)
  • Deadpool (Marvel Comics)
  • New Fish-Men Pirates Officers (One Piece)
  • Asura (Soul Eater)
  • Aracna (Soul Eater)
  • Crona (Soul Eater)
  • Stein (Soul Eater)
  • Death the Kid (Soul Eater)
  • Maka (Soul Eater)
  • Black star (Soul Eater)
  • Soul Evans (Soul Eater)
  • Ayano Aishi (Yandere Simulator)
  • Rashi (Ninjutsu series)
  • Dr. Weird (AquaTeen HungerForce)
  • Berserker-class Servants (TYPE-MOON)


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