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* [[Inertia Manipulation]]
* [[Inertia Manipulation]]
* [[Inertia Negation]]
* [[Inertia Negation]]
* [[Momentum Defiance]]
* [[Momentum Manipulation]]
* [[Momentum Manipulation]]
* [[Momentum Negation]]
* [[Momentum Negation]]

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The power to make movements without needing to gain momentum.


The user can do movements from a standstill without having to build up momentum that they would usually need to perform such movements, and still go a far distance. Whether it is moving their body parts or moving from one place to another, they can effectively move at their fullest without having to build up momentum.




  • Users still possess inertia and momentum.
  • May only be applied to oneself and what the user is holding.
  • Can still lose momentum to physical forces such as gravity and friction.

Known Users

  • Miroku (Monster Strike)
  • Amy Rose (Sonic the Hedgehog); via Giant Step
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