The power to interact with things a normal human couldn't. Sub-power of Interaction Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Contact
  • Grasping
  • Interplay


The user can interact with things in a way normal humans can't, giving them an edge.  

They can physically touch them or play around with them like a ball or a common object with no hazards preventing them from safely interacting, such as either the object of interaction being dangerous to them or otherwise.  


  • 2D Interaction
  • 4th Wall Interaction -User can break and interact with the 4th wall.
  • Accelerated Interaction -User can interact with things at an accelerated rate.
  • Afterlife Interaction -User can interact with beings in the afterlife.
  • Air Interaction -User can gather, reshape or walk on air through physical interaction.
  • Altered Interaction -User can interact with their surroundings at an altered rate.
  • Art Interaction -User can interact and talk with art.
  • Aura Interaction -User can interact and reshape aura upon physical contact.
  • Celestial Interaction -User can interact with, reshape celestial energy, or communicate with celestial beings upon contact.
  • Close-Distance Action
  • Computer Interaction -User can interact with computers
  • Conceptual Interaction -User can interact, edit, or change concepts upon physical concepts.
  • Contained Object Interaction -User can interact with things while in containment.
  • Death Interaction -User can talk with, or touch the dead as if they were physical
  • Digital Interaction -User can interact with digital objects.
  • Dimensional Interaction -User can interact and change dimension upon physical contact.
  • Dream Interaction -User can talk or edit their or other's dream upon physical interaction
  • Energy Contact -User can interact with energy.
  • Fiction Interaction -User can interact with fictional characters.
  • Fate Interaction -User can change and interact with fate through physical interaction.
  • Fine Interaction -User can interact with particles, atoms, bacteria and viruses.
  • Fixed Interaction -User can interact with anything as if it were fixed.
  • Flat Interaction - Interact with non-flat surfaces and objects as if they were flat.
  • Force Interaction -User can physically interact with forces.
  • Future Interaction -User can interact with the future.
  • Game Interaction -User can interact with games.
  • Hologram Interaction -User can interact with holograms
  • Hyper Interaction -User can interact with objects at a hyper rate.
  • Illusion Interaction -User can interact with illusions.
  • Imagination Interaction -User can physically interact with their imagination.
  • Intangibility Cancellation -User can induce intractability into noncorporeal objects.
  • Interaction Manipulation -User can manipulate interactions
  • Interaction Intuition -User has knowledge over how things interact with each other.
  • Kinetic Interaction -User can interact with kinetic energy.
  • Light Interaction -User can interact with light.
  • Magic Interaction -User can physically interact with magic, magic sources, or mana through.
  • Magma Interaction -User can interact with magma.
  • Math Interaction -User can edit and shape math through physical interaction.
  • Memory Interaction -User can talk, shape, or edit their memories through physical interaction.
  • Meta Interaction -User edit, reshape, or contact the meta through physical interaction.
  • Multiversal Interaction -User can edit, reshape, or contact the multiverse through physical interactions.
  • Narrator Interaction -The user can interact with the a narrator.
  • Non-Physical Interaction -User can interact with non-physical objects/beings.
  • Particle Interaction -User can interact with particles.
  • Past Interaction -User can interact with the past.
  • Picture Interaction -The power to communicate or edit pictures upon physical interaction.
  • Probability Interaction -The power to interact with probability.
  • Pyro Interaction -User can touch or grab fire.
  • Quantum Interaction -User can interact with quantum energy.
  • Rain Interaction -User can walk or reshape rain through physical interaction.
  • Reflection Interaction -User can interact with reflection or effect people through their reflection upon physical contact.
  • Selective Interaction -User can select what interacts with them.
  • Shadow Interaction -User can interact with shadow or effect people through their shadow upon physical contact.
  • Simultaneous Interaction -User can interact with multiple things at the same time.
  • Sonic Interaction -User can contact or reshape sound upon physical contact.
  • Spatial Interaction -User can contact, grab, or reshape space upon interaction.
  • Tangibility Interplay -User can interact with tangible objects while nontangible.
  • Temporal Interaction -User can interact with both the future and the past.
  • Tilted Interaction - Interact with tilted surfaces and objects.
  • Toxic Interaction -User can interact with toxic objects.
  • Unfastened Interaction -User can interact with any loose things without it falling apart.
  • Video Interaction -User can interact with videos.
  • Volatile Interaction -User can interact with explosives.
  • Warp Travel Interaction -User can interact with warp travels.
  • Word Interaction -User can interact with words.


  • Weak against Interaction Negation users.
  • User need to physically come in contact or be there.
  • The power is lesser than manipulation.

Known Users

  • Variation Users
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