The ability to pass one's body parts through their other body parts..

Also Called

  • Intra-Intangibility
  • Self-Ghosting
  • Self-Insubstantiality
  • Self-Intangibility
  • Self-Permeation
  • Self-Phasing


User is able to move any part of their own body through other parts of their body as if they weren't there, allowing for a wide variety of feats. They could put their arm through their torso or head, or put their legs through each other, and even take out their own body parts if they wanted to.



  • Intangibility Cancellation makes this power useless.
  • Cannot walk through walls or other objects.
  • Can still be harmed by energy and matter.
  • May be limited to certain body parts.
  • Unless they have Supernatural Flexibility or Absolute Flexibility, the user still has limits in terms of movement.
  • Unless organs can function on their own, ripping one's internal organs out can be lethal.
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