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The ability to pass one's body parts through other body parts.

Also Called

  • Intra-Intangibility
  • Self-Ghosting
  • Self-Insubstantiality
  • Self-Intangibility
  • Self-Permeation
  • Self-Phasing


User can move any part of their own body through other parts of their body as if they weren't there, allowing for a wide variety of feats. They could put their arm through their torso or head, or put their legs through each other, take out their own body parts, etc.



  • Intangibility Cancellation makes this power useless.
  • Cannot walk through walls or other objects.
  • Can still be harmed by energy and matter.
  • May be limited to certain body parts.
  • Unless they have Supernatural Flexibility or Absolute Flexibility, the user still has limits in terms of movement.
  • Unless organs can function on their own, ripping one's internal organs out can be lethal.

Known Users