The power to intuitively sense and adapt to future events. Combination of Intuitive Aptitude and Precognition. Variation of Claircognizance and Hyper Mind.

Also Called

  • Flawless Foresight
  • Intuitive Cleverness/Cunning/Thinking Capacity/Wits
  • Intuitive Foresight/Prescience
  • Perfect Machiavellian
  • Supernatural Intuition


User can intuitively understand what is going to happen and how to deal with it. The power works on a purely instinctual level: users don't receive any additional data, but can spontaneously feel how events are going to unfold and what the best course of action is, making it more an inherent part of themselves than an external ability. Thus they always automatically make the most optimal decision in any scenario. Making them to achieve the best possible results in all fields of life and deal with events in the most efficient manner. They automatically seize all opportunities and make the most out of any situation.

This hyper instinct allows them to make the right decision in any situation, multiplying their survivability and success rate, develop their physical/mental abilities, acquire/learn new skills at extraordinary levels, allowing them to overcome great hardships with minimal damage and pull victory from the jaws of defeat despite all odds.




  • Users don't gain any information, only supernatural hunches.
  • May appear unpredictable and erratic to onlookers.
  • May not understand their actions until the time comes.

Known Users


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