The ability to psychically cause biotic subjects to react a certain way in accordance to the calling out of the subject’s name, and then a command or a special phrase. Also known as Naming


After the user calls the name of the subject they wish to affect, they need only to call out a command (within the power of the subject) or a predetermined phrase, and the command will be carried out.

This ability can even be used to form a telepathic/empathic link with any other being of the same name (or a similar name).

After practice, this ability can even be used on an individual's given body organ(s), commanding the heart to pump faster, legs to stop moving, etc., although an entire body is easier.


  • "Name Infliction": use names against subjects (afflicting the subject with any virus, disease or sickness the user knows the true name of, or making the subject more vulnerable to it)
• cause subjects to forget own identity and of those surrounded by them in their life.
• cause the subject to think he or the user is someone else
• cause the subject to not be able to remember the name of the user, even with Panmnesia, among numerous other similar uses).


  • The user must know the name of the subject that he wishes to affect; otherwise the effect of Yclepsis does not work (rarely is the user given the ability to psychically perceive the name of the subject they wish to affect).
  • Perspicuity can resist this ability.
  • May causes the user to forget his own name/identity or the name/identity of loved ones.
  • Aliases are not connected with an individual's true identity.

Known Users

  • Light Yagami (Death Note, via Shinigami's Death Note)
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