The ability to use Ionic abilities by using ranged weapons as conduits. Variation of Power Artillery and Ionic Weaponry.

Also Called

  • Ion Cannon Proficiency/Usage
  • Ion/Ionic Firearms Proficiency/Usage
  • Ionic Control Artillery


The user can either use various ranged weaponry such as slingshots, bows, guns, cannons, etc. As a conduit to ionic based powers, imposing heavily ionized particles those effects on ranged weapons to enhance them. Proper channeling through certain conduits can cause unprecedented devastation within the affected environment.





  • Extended exposure to ion emissions can be carcinogenic.
  • Volatile nature of Ionic energy can prove dangerous.
  • May be too powerful for use as a handheld ground level munition.
  • Useless without ranged weapon medium.

Known Users

Known Ionic Artillery


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