Power to manipulate ionic radioactive energy. Sub-power of Ionic Manipulation and EM Spectrum Manipulation. Variation of Radiation Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Ionic Energy Manipulation
  • Ionokinetic Radiation Control
  • Ioni-Radiokinesis
  • Ionization Bombardment
  • Ionizing Radiation


User can create, shape and manipulate ionizing radiation. They are generated when radiation has energy to liberate electrons from atoms or molecules, thereby ionizing them. Radioactive isotopes such as Gamma, X-Ray or higher tier UV rays are considered Ionizing Ray forms. Due to the unstable nature of Ionic Rays, ionizing radiation, if not carefully handled, can have many negative effects on living organisms, causing things like cancer, radiation sickness, cell damage, radiation burns and even death.





  • Ionic rays are hard to maintain and incredibly volatile.
  • May be unable to create Ionic Rays, being limited to manipulating only from already existing sources.
  • Dispersal of Ionic Energy can be fatal.
  • Energy leakage may effect the users mental state.
  • Vulnerable to Anionic energies.
  • Unprotected exposure to Ionic Rays can cause rapid aging.
  • Vulnerable to Energy Absorption.

Known Users

  • #99 (Marvel Comics)
  • Angkor/Father Thmmanon (Marvel Comics)
  • Barney (Dinosaur) (Marvel Comics)
  • Eric Josten/Atlas (Marvel Comics)
  • Count Nefaria (Marvel Comics)
  • Dallas Riordin (Marvel Comics)
  • Hap Hazzard (Marvel Comics)
  • Ion Man (Marvel Comics)
  • Nefarius (Marvel Comics)
  • Quist (Marvel Comics)
  • The Crazy Eight (Marvel Comics)
    • Alex Flores/Auteur
    • Aundray/Attractive Lad
    • Argus LaVecchio/Visionary
    • Esteban "Spider" Beach/Stat)
    • Gloria Angel/Glamor Girl
    • Ginger Beach/Snap
    • Jamie Flores/Dreamer
    • LaHoya Scripps/Buff
  • Therak (Marvel Comics)
  • Simon Williams/Wonder Man (Marvel Comics)
  • D-Struct (Static Shock)


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