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The ability to cause ionization. Sub-power of Subatomic Manipulation and Ionic Manipulation. Variation of Electromagnetism Generation. Opposite to Deionization.

Also Called

  • Conductive Media Creation
  • Ion Creation
  • Plasma Creation


The user can ionize different types of atoms and molecules, which can be caused by simply heating up air/gas, electrical activity, or changes in the air's electric fields, etc. In other words, the user can create plasma that they can use as a ionized air channel/medium for to allow electric current to flow through, thereby creating electricity. They can tap into a variety of different energies, even cause certain ionization to produce positive electricity. They can also ionize different types of metal to create more efficient weapons.




Known Users

  • Raiden (Mortal Kombat)
  • Virgil Hawkins/Static (Milestone/DCAU/DC Comics)
  • Maxwell Dillon/Electro (Marvel Comics)
  • Black Lightning (DC Comics)
  • Microbrain (Star Trek TNG)