"Now prepare to take an incredible journey across the room!"
― Lisa Simpson (The Simpsons)

The ability to teleport in place. Sub-power of Teleportation.

Also Called

  • Stationary/Travelless/Unmoving Teleportation


The user can teleport in place, rearranging the position of their body or limbs, alter the velocity and momentum, stop their movement, change direction and change their orientation.


  • Can rearrange the position of one's limbs/one's body position without actually moving.
  • Can affect the velocity and momentum of their movement.
  • Can effectively stop on a dime.
  • Can change the direction of their movement.
  • Can change the orientation and facing the user has.



  • May only be able to isoport a particular amount of times per time span, and overuse of the power may lead to self-damage and even death.
  • May have limits as to how much they can carry when they isoport
  • Users of Teleportation Negation can prevent user from isoporting.
  • Isoportation may cause spatial disturbance, allowing highly sensitive opponents to track down destination.
  • Can still be affected by Warp Travel Unravel and Warp Travel Interaction.

Known Users

  • Shu Sakurada (Castle-Town Dandelion)
  • Seraphim (Judeo-Christianity)
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