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|Box title = Jactitation
|image = Image:2987955499_1_3_7uCtNKJ8.jpg
|imagewidth = 275
|caption = Earl Jenkins (Smallville) was plagued by this ability.
|Row 1 title = Power/Ability to:
|Row 1 info = Induce Seizures, tremors, and jolts
|bgcolor = Black}}
The ability to '''self innervate''' or '''inducing tremors and jolts'''.
==Also Called ==
*Super Seizure
*Tremor Effect
Users cause molecules to shake uncontrollably. Power may be self innervating or may shake a target. Users may go into a tangent of wild spasms, or may only cause vibration. Power may be used to hit vibration frequencies to break a lock or support column.
*Some users may not be able to trigger the effect at will.
*May become null from virus injection.
*May cause harm to user
While seemingly simple this power may negate other powers, [[Intangibility]] may be voided if users of [[Jactitation]] were to vibrate their molecules back together. A user of [[Telepathy]] may have difficulty connecting to a user due to jumpy brain waves.
*''"Jitters": ''Users may be able to affect instantively any nearby biotic subjects, causing these targets to shake as well, but on a far more violent level.
==Known Users==
*[ Earl Jenkins] (''Smallville'')
*Shocker (''Marvel'')
*Seizure man (''Cyanide and Happiness'')
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