The ability to self-innervate or induce tremors and jolts.

Also Called

  • Jolt/Seizure/Tremor Effect
  • Seizure Inducement
  • Shake Inducement
  • Tremor Inducement


Users cause molecules to shake uncontrollably. Power may innervate the user or shake a target. Users may go into a tangent of wild spasms, or may only cause vibration. Power may also be used to vibrate at certain resonance frequencies, to disable locks or break or disassemble matter.


  • If the user has no control over this ability, the following can happen:
    • The user may not be able to turn the effect on (or off) at will
    • The user may suffer pain or injury from erratic movement
    • The effects may manifest simply as random self-induced epilepsy, rather than a useful ability
  • May become null from virus injection.


While seemingly simple this power may negate other powers, Enhanced Speed and Intangibility may be voided if users of Jolt Inducement were to vibrate their molecules back together. Likewise, a user of Telepathy may have difficulty connecting to a user due to jumpy brain waves.


  • Contagious Jitters: Users may be able to instantly affect any nearby biotic subjects, causing these targets to shake as well, but on a far more violent level.

Known Users

  • Earl Jenkins (Smallville)
  • Shocker (Marvel)
  • Seizure man (Cyanide and Happiness)
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