"Bruce, you have a divine spark. You have a gift for bringing joy and laughter to the world. I know, I created you."
― God (Bruce Almighty)

The power to bring joy to good souls. Opposite to Tormentor.

Also Called

  • Happiness Incarnate
  • Joy Master
  • Soul Consoler
  • The Rewarder of Righteous


User has the ability to bring joy unto good beings, inflicting an unspecific amount of happiness and comfort for an unspecific amount of time due to all the good the targets have done. Ranging from minor joy to full blown joy of every kind. Sometimes this power comes as a natural skill to beings such as Angels and God.




  • Target may need to be a good person or a perpetrator of good acts.
  • Using this power might make the user a target for the power.
  • May be limited depending on how good the target is.

Known Users

  • Deities & Angels of Joy (Mythologies)
    • Anael (Angelology)
    • Jesus Christ (Christianity)
    • Baldr (Norse Mythology)
    • Hathor (Egyptian Mythology)
    • Euphrosyne (Greek Mythology)
    • The Charites (Greek Mythology)
  • Lliira (Forgotten Realms)

Known Locations

  • The Nine Spheres of Heaven (Christianity)


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