The ability to use the abilities of Kapre. Variation of Mythic Physiology.


The user is or has the ability to take on the form of Kapre (lit. "tree demon"), a mythical creature of the Philippines, described as being a tall (7 to 9 ft), brown, hairy male with a beard. Kapres are normally described as smoking a big ganja pipe, whose strong smell would attract human attention and wearing the indigenous Northern Philippine loincloth known as bahag, and possibly a belt which gives them ability to be invisible to humans.

Kapres are said to dwell in big trees like acacias, mangoes, bamboo and banyan, and is also mostly seen sitting under those trees. Some kapre hold a magical white stone, a little smaller in size than a quail egg, and should any person happen to obtain this stone, the kapre could grant wishes.

Kapres are not necessarily considered to be evil, and may make contact with people to offer friendship, or if it is attracted to a woman. If a Kapre befriends any human, especially because of love, they will consistently follow its "love interest" throughout life. Also, if one is a friend of the Kapre then that person will have the ability to see it and if they were to sit on it then any other person would be able to see the huge entity.

Kapres are also said to play pranks on people, frequently making travelers become disoriented and lose their way in the mountains or in the woods. They are also able to confuse people even in their own familiar surroundings; for instance, someone who forgets that they are in their own garden or home is said to have been tricked by a Kapre. Reports of experiencing Kapre enchantment include that of witnessing rustling tree branches, even if the wind is not strong, hearing loud laughter coming from an unseen being, witnessing lots of smoke from the top of a tree, seeing big fiery eyes during night time from a tree, as well as actually seeing a Kapre walking in forested areas. It is also believed that abundant fireflies in woody areas are the embers from the Kapre's lit tobacco pipe.



Known Users

  • Kapre (Filipino Mythology/Folklore)
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