The power to decrease kinetic energy. Sub-power of Kinetic Energy Manipulation. Opposite to Kinetic Energy Enhancement.

Also Called

  • Kinetic Energy Dissipation


The user can decrease/weaken the kinetic energy of anything, causing them to lose momentum, velocity, striking power and potentially freeze anything dead in its tracks. This has the added effect of tightening or weakening atomic structures as stilled atoms adversely effect molecular density.




  • May only be able to whittle the kinetic energy of certain things, like oneself, others, and/or objects.

Known Users

  • Captain Cold (DC Comics); via Cold Gun
  • Speed Force Users (DC Comics)
    • Walter West
    • Wally West
    • The Human Block
    • Wallace West
  • Still Force Users (DC Comics)
    • The Turtle
    • Grodd
  • Cain Marco/Juggernaut (Marvel Comics)
  • Remy LeBeau/New Sun (Marvel Comics)
  • Foxy (One Piece): via Noro Noro No Mi
  • Rain Flame Users (Reborn!)
    • Hayato Gokudera
    • Takeshi Yamamoto
    • Bluebell


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