"Below the thunders of the upper deep,
Far, far beneath in the abysmal sea,
His ancient, dreamless, uninvaded sleep
The Kraken sleepeth: faintest sunlights flee
About his shadowy sides; above him swell
Huge sponges of millennial growth and height;
And far away into the sickly light,
From many a wondrous grot and secret cell
Unnumbered and enormous polypi
Winnow with giant arms the slumbering green.
There hath he lain for ages, and will lie
Battening upon huge sea worms in his sleep,
Until the latter fire shall heat the deep;
Then once by man and angels to be seen,
In roaring he shall rise and on the surface die."
― Alfred Tennyson, The Kraken

The power to have the traits and powers of a Kraken. Variation of Mythical Bestiary, Giant Monster Physiology and Cephalopod Physiology.

Also Called

  • Devilfish Body/Form/Mimicry
  • Kraken Body/Form/Mimicry


The user either is or can transform into a Kraken, legendary sea monsters of giant proportions that normally live at great depths, but have been sighted at the surface and have reportedly attacked ships.

Kraken have been depicted in a number of ways, primarily as large octopus-like creatures, in the earliest descriptions, however, the creatures were more crab-like than octopus-like, and generally possessed traits that are associated with large whales rather than with giant squid. Regardless of their form, kraken are vast enough to be mistaken for islands and cause serious risk for ships, not only because they sometimes attack, but because their size causes even their smallest movements to displace enough water to cause severe water movements, creating sudden dangerous currents and whirlpools.





Known Users

  • Slarkrethel (D&D Forgotten Realms)
  • Space Krakens (DC Comics)
  • Krakens (Viking Mythology)
  • 'Purple' Kraken (Unlimited Fafnir)
  • Kraken (American Dragon: Jake Long)
  • Kraken (Pirates of the Caribbean)
  • Kraken (God of War)
  • Illaoi (League of Legends)
  • Kraken (RPG's)
  • Kraken (Final Fantasy)
  • Kraken (Clash of the Titans)
  • The Kraken (Call of Duty: Ghosts)
  • Kraken (Valkyrie Crusade)
  • Kraken (Wizard 101)
  • Cloud Kraken (Skylanders)
  • Kraken (The Ocean Hunter)
  • The Kraken (Splatoon)
  • Surume (One Piece)
  • Chopaken (One Piece:Mugiwara Theatre)
  • Sea Monster (Jack The Giant Killer)
  • Kraken (The Cabin in the Woods)
  • Kraken (Monster High)
  • Kraken (The Ocean Hunter)
  • Kraken (Hotel Transylvania)
  • Krakken (Atlantis: Milo's Return)
  • Krakelios (Bakugan Battle Planet)
  • Volt Kraken (Mega Man X5)
  • Pirate Kraken (Beyblade)


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