The power to manipulate lakes/rivers and everything in them. Variation of Environment Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Lake/River Control
  • Límni/Potámikinesis


User can create, shape and manipulate the lakes and rivers and everything in them, including all the aspects of the lakes and rivers, from the purely physical ones and also mythical/conceptual ones.

Lakes are connected to receptive wisdom, absorption, passiveness, reflection in physical and spiritual sense and peaceful, contemplative life where one goes to escape from the reality of the world. They represent the transition between life and death, between the solid and the gaseous, the formal and the informal.

Rivers are symbolically connected to the creative power of nature and time: on the one hand it signifies fertility and the progressive irrigation of the soil; on the other hand it stands for erosion, the irreversible passage of time and, in consequence, for a sense of loss and oblivion. They are connected to movement and overcoming obstacles, both the boundaries and ways to cross them.





  • Pollution Manipulation can disrupt the environment.
  • User may be unable to create lakes/rivers, being limited to manipulating already existing one.
  • Distance, mass, precision, etc. depend upon of the knowledge, skill, and strength of the user, and their power's natural limits.

Known Users

  • River/fresh-water Deities (Mythology)
    • Sobek (Egyptian Mythology)
    • Ahti (Finnish Mythology)
    • Vellamo (Finnish Mythology)
    • Chalchiuhtlicue (Aztec Mythology)
    • Belisama (Celtic Mythology)
    • Sumalongson (Filipino Mythology)
    • Kasaraysarayan sa Silgan (Filipino Mythology)
    • Magdang Diriinin (Filipino Mythology)
  • Kawahime (Valkyrie Crusade)
  • Belisama (Valkyrie Crusade)


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