"Before the Ou Ki Army feared throughout the Six States, he lead us without faltering, even though, he was just a slave child, that moment he had the bearings of a King!!"
― He Ki on Ri Hyou to Ri Shin (Kingdom)
"This young man, Shin of the Hi Shin Unit, is the reason for the high morale of all the Qin Soldier's in this region. In reality, he is fulfilling the role of a commander for this whole area."
― Rin Ko on Ri Shin (Kingdom)

The power to know how to be a leader. Sub-power of Leadership Manipulation. Variation of Intuitive Aptitude.

Also Called

  • Air of Regality
  • Alpha Intuition
  • Enhanced Leadership
  • Natural Leader
  • Natural Sovereign
  • Unquestionable Leadership


The user possesses innate understanding of how to be a great leader allowing them to effectively keep order and morale. Users have an intuitive mastery of the associated leadership skills, speech and body language, expertly sending all the right signals, granting them major leverage in any social situation and allowing to easily forge a fanatical level of trust and devotion in whoever they exert these talents on. Using this ability, the user can obtain authority, raise to the top of any social hierarchy and take leadership positions very quickly and easily, and perform feats such as always making the right choice when it comes to administering, commanding, governing, and leading.




  • May need some level of training or experience to be an effective leader.

Known Users

See Also: The Leader

  • Marcus Ayers (Alphas)
  • Bullwhip (Batman Beyond/DC Animated Universe/DCAU)
  • Ben Tennyson (Ben 10 series)
  • Balalaika (Black Lagoon)
  • Sosuke Aizen (Bleach)
  • Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel)
  • Buffy Summers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Willow Rosenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Mori Ougai (Bungou Stray Dogs)
  • Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald (Bungou Stray Dogs)
  • Fukuzawa Yukichi (Bungou Stray Dogs)
  • Fyodor Dostoevsky (Bungou Stray Dogs)
  • Mr. Physically Fitastic (Codename: Kids Next Door)
  • Ichigo (Darling in the Franxx)
  • Black Manta (DC Comics)
  • Bruce Wayne/Batman (DC Comics)
  • Lar Gand/Mon-El (DC Comics)
  • Lex Luthor (DC Comics)
  • Martian Manhunter (DC Comics)
  • Slade Wilson/Deathstroke (DC Comics)
  • Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman (DC Comics)
  • The Batman Who Laughs (DC Comics)
  • Vandal Savage (DC Comics)
  • Aida Mana/Cure Heart (Doki Doki Pretty Cure!)
  • Touka (Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest)
  • Fuhrer King Bradley (Fullmetal Alchemist)
  • Tywin Lannister (Game of Thrones)
  • Clayton Abernathy/General Hawk (G.I. Joe)
  • Cobra Commander (G.I. Joe)
  • Conrad Hauser/Duke (G.I. Joe)
  • Gin (Ginga)
  • Marcus Octavius (Highlander: The Search for Vengeance)
  • Kazuya Souma (How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom)
  • Chrollo Lucilfer (Hunter X Hunter)
  • Grace Synclavia (Hybrid × Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia)
  • Gravel (Hybrid × Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia)
  • Hida Kizuna (Hybrid × Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia)
  • Hida Reiri (Hybrid × Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia)
  • Zelshione (Hybrid × Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia)
  • Crystal Man (Image Comics)
  • Ei Sei (Kingdom)
  • Ri Hyou (Kingdom)
  • Ri Shin (Kingdom)
  • Nu Hai (Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny)
  • Gunnar the Conqueror (Loonatics Unleashed)
  • Callisto (Marvel Comics)
  • Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel (Marvel Comics)
  • Steve Rogers/Captain America (Marvel Comics)
  • T’Challa/Black Panther (Marvel Comics)
  • Tony Stark/Iron Man (Marvel Comics)
  • All For One (My Hero Academia)
  • Shining Armor (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
  • Starlight Glimmer (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
  • Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
  • Nagato/Pain (Naruto)
  • Kages (Naruto series/Boruto series)
  • Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself (Overlord)
  • Chase (Paw Patrol)
  • Marshall (Paw Patrol)
  • Mayor Humdinger (Paw Patrol)
  • Rocky (Paw Patrol)
  • Rubble (Paw Patrol)
  • Ryder (Paw Patrol)
  • Skye (Paw Patrol)
  • Zuma (Paw Patrol)
  • Catboy (PJ Masks)
  • Owlette (PJ Masks)
  • Luna Girl (PJ Masks)
  • Night Ninja (PJ Masks)
  • Caesar (Planet of the Apes)
  • Axel Mulligan/Action Axel (Power Players)
  • Sarge Charge (Power Players)
  • Austin Carter/Vector (Reboot: The Guardian Code)
  • Fred Jones (Scooby-Doo)
  • Starchild KISS (Scooby-Doo! and KISS: Rock and Roll Mystery)
  • Professor Moriarty (Sherlock Holmes novels)
  • Hoshizora Miyuki/Cure Happy (Smile Pretty Cure!)
  • Sally Acorn (Sonic SatAM/Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog)
  • Spartacus (Spartacus)
  • Arcturus Mengsk (Starcraft)
  • Jake Armstrong/Stretch (Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters)
  • Mike Fukunaga (Supah Ninjas)
  • Chiro (Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!)
  • Nicholas St. North/Santa Claus (Rise of the Guardians)
  • Raphael (Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
  • Leonardo (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
  • Billy Butcher (The Boys)
  • Tatsuya Shiba (The Irregular at Magic High School)
  • Bron (The Land Before Time)
  • Littlefoot (The Land Before Time)
  • Blossom (The Powerpuff Girls)
  • Sam (Totally Spies)
  • Megatron (Transformers)
  • Optimus Prime (Transformers)
  • Solomon (TYPE-MOON); via Revelation
  • Midnighter (Wildstorm/DC Comics)
  • Yumehara Nozomi/Cure Dream (Yes! Pretty Cure 5 Gogo!)




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