The power to control lethal dosage of certain substance.

Also Called

  • Lethal Dosage
  • Overdose
  • Tolerance Manipulation


The user can control the lethality of a given substance/type of radiation, add one to substance that usually does not have one, make the lack of certain substances lethal and control the lethality of withdrawal symptoms. Because resistance varies from one individual to another, the 'lethal dose' represents a dose (usually recorded as dose per kilogram of subject body weight) at which a given percentage of subjects will die.


  • Lower the lethal dose limit of an enemy's body on a vital element (oxygen, blood, water, vitamins, etc ) to induce death.
  • Raise the lethal dose limit of oneself on normally lethal elements (poison, alcohol, radiation, toxic metals, etc) to escape death.
  • Lower the lethal dose limit of body chemicals, (Adrenaline, endorphins, hormones, pheromones, etc.)
  • Raise/lower the lethal dose limit of certain other things, like calcium, plaque, bodily chemicals, and other such things people take for granted.
  • In a fantasy setting, this power could be applied to Mana, or Chi, making magic or chi users basically their own worst enemy.
  • The user could force the target to do activities or consume substances to keep the withdraw symptoms away.
  • The user could modify the withdraw limit be the overdose, making the target face a dilemma; die from withdraws, or die from overdose, there is no middle.



  • If the target can extract the element from their body, they can lower the concentration until it goes below the lethal dosage.
  • The target can induce the element to their body to prevent withdraws
  • If the targeted element changes in characteristics, then the user's increased tolerance and immunity will be annulled.
  • The user may or may not be able to control one or the other.

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