The ability to exhale a breath that brings life. Variation of Life Inducement and Breath Powers. Opposite to Death Breath. Not to be confused with Life-Force Breath.

Also Called

  • Breath of Life
  • Life Bestowal Breath
  • Life Energy Breath
  • Life Exhalation
  • Resurrection Breath


User of this is ability can release a breath that can bring anything near the user instantly to life. The user can bring to life objects or entities that were seen as lifeless and give life to the recently deceased.




  • User may not control this power causing it to give too much life to everything.
  • May only be usable under certain conditions pertaining to a subject (i.e. Only works while the subject is still functional and reasonably whole)
  • May draw from users life-force in order to breathe life into target.

Known Users

  • Rose (Dragon Crisis)
  • Mord-Sith (Sword of Truth)
  • The Red Dragonflight (World of Warcraft)
  • Alexstrasza The Life-Binder (World of Warcraft)
  • Witches (Coven); using Vitalum Vitalis
  • Daphne (Valkyrie Crusade)
  • Bo (Lost Girl)
  • Beric Dondarrion (A Song of Ice & Fire)


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