"Long, long ago... when nothing but mere matter existed in this world. As countless masses of some unknown things appeared, disappeared, then appeared again... one of them eventually survived. We now know it as 'life.'"
― Zeke Yeager explains the origin of life.

The power to be the source of all life. Source-power of Life Embodiment. Variation of Prime Source, Life Connection and Life Lordship. Not to be confused with Life Wellspring. Opposite to Death Derivation.

Also Called

  • Life Force/Source
  • The Force/Source of All Life


User is the source of absolute/perfect/primordial life directly to cosmic/universal scales. Users being the binding existence together by the force/energy of Life. Users have instant and total dominion over all the powers of life and so that as long as they exist, all life and everything connected to it does as well.

If the user ever either dies or is killed, then everything about life would cease to exist alongside the user, making everyone die as well.





  • Eternal Bond and Power Inheritance
    • The user cannot escape being the source of all life without passing it to another, as their must always be a Life.
  • If the user dies, all the life in the cosmos would die with the user.

Known Users


  • Source of all living matter (Shingeki no Kyojin)



  • Gaia/Terra (Greco-Roman Mythology); earth and life
  • Phanes (Greek Mythology)
  • Tree of Life (Mythology)
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