The power to utilize magic to bring things to life. Form of Magic. Variation of Life-Force Manipulation. Opposite to Death Magic. Not to be confused with Animancy.

Also Called

  • Animation Magic
  • Living Magic


The users of this power can utilize powerful spells which can bring anything the user sees fit to life, such as a statues, toys, even such as furniture and rubble.




Known Users

  • Life Giving Magus (Adventure Time)
  • Charmcaster (Ben 10 Series)
  • Creation Magic Users (Black Clover)
  • Cronus (Class of the Titans)
  • Witches (Coven); using Vitalum Vitalis
  • Cosmo and Wanda (The Fairly Oddparents)
  • Sherry Blendy (Fairy Tail); via Doll Attack
  • Irene Belserion (Fairy Tail); via Enchantment
  • Hades (Fairy Tail)
  • Zeref Dragneel (Fairy Tail); via Living Magic
  • Schmendrick (The Last Unicorn)
  • Life Magic Users (Magi-The Labyrinth of Magic)
  • Diana (Marchen Awakens Romance)
  • Asteroth (Mighty Ducks)
  • Discord (My Little Pony Series)
  • The Nomad (Nomad of Nowhere)
  • Papa (Nomad of Nowhere)
  • Users of the Healing Domain (Pathfinder)
  • Blue Fairy (Pinocchio)
  • Kaos (Skylanders)
  • Users of Ghyran (Warhammer Fantasy)
  • Mumbo Jumbo (Teen Titans)
  • Nerissa (W.I.T.C.H.)
  • Will Vandom (W.I.T.C.H.)
  • Anna Maht (World of Quest)
  • Theurges (Wizard101)

Known Objects

  • Rat Talisman (Jackie Chan Adventures); "Motion to the Motionless"


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