The power to replace the life/existence/identity of someone or something. Variation of Replacement and Self-Essence Shifting. Not to be confused with Existence Replication.

Also Called

  • Identity Replacement


User can replace the life, existence and/or identity of anyone, allowing them to take their place in life and/or death. This essentially makes the user take on everything that made/makes the target individual who and what they are.

Unlike Existence Replication, user isn't simply copying/mimicking them. But instead becomes them in all respects/levels of being by replacing their entire being/identity/self with the person, place and/or object they chose.

It can either be used for them in a way that's for the greater good (such as keeping the Grand Design or Cosmic Keystone intact instead of letting it fall into chaos or disarray), or it can be used for their own potential purposes whether they're meaningful or selfish.






  • May be limited to replacing the lives of those who have died or erased.
  • Users of Singularity may be immune.
  • Unique traits might be impossible to replace.

Known Users

  • Honoka (Gleipnir); originally
  • Daedalus (Heavens Lost Property)
  • The Player (Dragon Quest: Your Story)
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