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*The Storyteller (''Grimms Notes'')
*The Storyteller (''Grimms Notes'')
*Adam (''Yamibou'')
*Adam (''Yamibou'')
*SCP 4001- Alexandria Eternal (''SCP Foundation'')
[[Category:Supernatural Powers]]
[[Category:Supernatural Powers]]

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"We follow these scripts written by an omniscient being known as The Storyteller. Playing out the roles were given from the day were born until the day we die."
― Ex (Grimms Notes)

The power to manipulate the life stories/scripts. Sub-power of Author Authority and Narration. Combination of Life Manipulation and Story Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Life Script Control/Manipulation
  • Life Story Control
  • Personal Story Control/Manipulation


User can create, shape and manipulate the life stories/scripts of anyone/anything. This allows them to decide and script out all the events, meetings/encounters, actions, goals, dreams, etc.; of the targets life as if they were nothing more than open book that could be read and written in. The user can decide the entire course and fate of the target simply by adding to or erasing their life story.

Every single event, scrap of knowledge, memory, meeting, choice, goals/dreams are recorded in their own personal script, including how, when, and where they are born and die.






Known Users

  • The Storyteller (Grimms Notes)
  • Adam (Yamibou)
  • SCP 4001- Alexandria Eternal (SCP Foundation)
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