The ability to teleport to wherever a light source is located. Sub-power of Light Manipulation. Not to be confused with Photoportation.

Also Called

  • Light Bounce/Jump


The user can teleport to whatever light source they are observing. For example, if a user is on a hill and a street light happens to be active on a bridge at a far but visible distance, they can teleport to the area that is covered by the light from the street light with a single glance.




  • Must be able to see a visible light source to teleport.
  • May have little control over their activation of the ability in the beginning of its usage.
  • May have a limited range of teleportation in terms of traveling to areas covered by light sources.

Known Users

  • Mystic Aldermen of the Sun (Futurama)
  • Rebecca Littlehale/Lighttrakker (Marvel Comics)
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