The circumstance of gaining powers, skills and enhancements via bolts of lightning. Variation of Experientially Induced Powers.


This circumstance grants the user supernatural abilities by being in contact with lightning bolts. The effects of the lightning may grant Electrical-Based Powers, Weather Powers or any powers to the victim if they survive. It may even be used to steal powers by applying electromagnetic waves directly into person's heart to steal their abilities/ability by force and then use their abilities/ability just as effectively as the original owner, drawing out one hundred percent of its potential.


  • The user may possess electrical-based powers from the residue of the lightning stored within the victim's cells.
    • May be granted power over the weather
  • A variety of or a random power can be bestowed to the victim
  • May cause the victim of the lightning strike to be mutated
  • The lightning strike may cause maximum enhancements of a normal human being
  • The lightning can be used to activate or deactivate inherent abilities
  • The lightning may also remove or prevent the abilities of a person.
  • Power Absorption



  • The lightning bolts may kill the victim before they can be granted any powers
  • Second strike or being strike by a lightning may remove a person powers

Known Users

  • Billy Batson/Shazam (DC Comics)
  • The Shazam Family (DC Comics)
  • Black Adam (DC Comics)
  • The Flash (DC Comics)
    • Barry Allen
    • Wally West
  • Lightning Beasts of Korbal (DC Comics)
  • Lesile Willis/Livewire (DCAU)
  • Godzilla (Godzilla)
  • Cole MacGrath (inFAMOUS series)
  • Kidlat/Voltaire (Kidlat - TV Series)
  • Dulce (Kidlat - TV Series)
  • Kennen (League of Legends)
  • Donald Blake (Marvel Comics); transforms into Thor the after striking his wooden cane to summon lighting
  • Electro (Marvel Comics)
  • Zeus (Marvel Comics)
  • Oudo Miyakonojou (Medaka Box)
  • Various Characters (Misfits TV Series)
  • Raiden (Mortal Kombat)
  • Spaceman KISS (Scooby-Doo and Kiss rock and roll mystery)
  • Complete Carnage (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
  • Radical (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
  • Volta/Perla Magtoto (Volta Film)


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