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The power to be a living database of knowledge. Sub-power of Knowledge Manipulation. Not to be confused with Encyclopedic Knowledge and Omnilegence.

Also Called

  • Database/Archive/Knowledge Incarnate
  • Living Archive/Knowledge


User is a living archive or database of knowledge, this basically makes them knowledge itself given physical form. Unlike Encyclopedic Knowledge and Omnilegence however, the user doesn't just store knowledge in a passive manner but as an active agent of knowledge, allowing them to change/manipulate, add to, erase or anything else they wish to knowledge.



Known Users

  • Archive "Ivy" (Dresden Files)
  • Bank (A Certain Magical Index); in one of its various forms
  • Janet (The Good Place)
  • Mr. Smith (Sarah Jane Adventures)
  • Navi (Dragonar Academy); as the DragWeis
  • Polyphemus (Angel: After the Fall); limited to demons
  • Jamie (Twig)