The power to be a living database of knowledge. Sub-power of Knowledge Manipulation. Not to be confused with Encyclopedic Knowledge and Omnilegence.

Also Called

  • Database/Archive/Knowledge Incarnate
  • Living Archive/Knowledge


User is a living archive or database of knowledge, this basically makes them knowledge itself given physical form. Unlike Encyclopedic Knowledge and Omnilegence however, the user doesn't just store knowledge that their is an archive/database for, allowing them to change/manipulate it, add to it, erase it or anything else they wish.



Known Users

  • Polyphemus (Angel: After the Fall); limited to demons
  • Bank (A Certain Magical Index); in one of its various forms
  • Navi (Dragonar Academy); as the DragWeis
  • Janet (The Good Place)
  • Mr. Smith (Sarah Jane Adventures)


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