List of ListsList of Mental AbilitiesList of Methods of Flight
List of Mimicry PowersList of Molecular AbilitiesList of Physiologies
List of Supernatural Powers and AbilitiesList of Telepathic AbilitiesLiterary Attacks
Literary CreationLiterary IntuitionLiterary Manipulation
Literary Weapon ProficiencyLiterature EmbodimentLiterature Materialization
Little People PhysiologyLive-Action PhysicsLiving Anomaly
Living ArtLiving ConduitLiving Conduit Transformation
Living DatabaseLiving EmbodimentLiving Factory
Living HiveLiving Illusion CreationLiving Power Plant
Living SealLiving State ManipulationLiving Wing Manifestation
Lizard PhysiologyLocal Existence ManipulationLocality Tracking
Location DisplacementLocation ManipulationLocation Swapping
Locational State ManipulationLock-PickingLock Creation
Lock ManipulationLock MimicryLocomotive Physiology
Logic AdaptationLogic DefianceLogic Distortion
Logic EmbodimentLogic GenerationLogic Immunity
Logic InfringementLogic IntuitionLogic Mandate
Logic ManipulationLogic NegationLogic Removal
Loneliness EmbodimentLoneliness EmpowermentLongma Physiology
Love AbsorptionLove AugmentationLove Aura
Love Bow ConstructionLove ConstructsLove Derivation
Love DetectionLove EmbodimentLove Empowerment
Love Energy ManipulationLove InducementLove Intuition
Love MagicLove ManipulationLove Negation
Love RemovalLow Health CompensationLoyalty Based Power Bestowal
Loyalty Based Power ReplicationLoyalty EmpowermentLubricant Manipulation
Lucidity ManipulationLuckLuck Absorption
Luck AugmentationLuck BestowalLuck Embodiment
Luck EmpowermentLuck Energy ManipulationLuck Erasure
Luck Field CreationLuck MagicLuck Mode
Luck ReductionLuckiness ManipulationLunakinetic Combat
LunaportationLunar ArtilleryLunar Attacks
Lunar AuraLunar Ball ProjectionLunar Beam Emission
Lunar Blade ConstructionLunar BlastLunar Bolt Projection
Lunar Bomb GenerationLunar Bow ConstructionLunar Breath
Lunar Bullet ProjectionLunar ConstructsLunar Cutting
Lunar Deity PhysiologyLunar Dust GenerationLunar Dust Manipulation
Lunar EmbodimentLunar EmpowermentLunar Energy Absorption
Lunar Energy ManipulationLunar FlightLunar Generation
Lunar HealingLunar ImmunityLunar Infusion
Lunar MagicLunar ManipulationLunar Mind
Lunar NegationLunar PhysiologyLunar Polearm Construction
Lunar RegenerationLunar Shield ConstructionLunar Solidification
Lunar SymbiosisLunar VisionLunar Weaponry
Lunar Whip GenerationLunglessnessLure Protrusion
Lust AuraLust ConstructsLust Embodiment
Lust EmpowermentLust MagicLust Manipulation
Lutrinae PhysiologyLutumkinetic ShapeshiftingLycanthropic Infection
Lycanthropy ImmunityLynx PhysiologyMachine Empowerment
Machine Lord PhysiologyMachine ModeMachine Morphing
Machine SwarmingMadness ArtilleryMadness Aspect Manifestation
Madness AuraMadness CombatMadness Embodiment
Madness FormMadness InfusionMadness Magic
Madness ManipulationMadness WeaponryMage Lord Physiology
MagicMagic AdaptationMagic Arrows
Magic ArtMagic ArtilleryMagic Ascendancy
Magic AttacksMagic AugmentationMagic Aura
Magic Ball ProjectionMagic BestowalMagic Bolt Projection
Magic BooksMagic Bow ConstructionMagic Breath
Magic Bullet ProjectionMagic BurstMagic Bypassing
Magic CapeMagic ChannelingMagic Combat
Magic ConcentrationMagic ConversionMagic Creation
Magic CuttingMagic DestructionMagic Detection
Magic Dust ConstructsMagic Dust GenerationMagic Dust Manipulation
Magic EmbodimentMagic EmpowermentMagic Field Creation
Magic GauntletMagic GenerationMagic Hat
Magic ImmunityMagic InfusionMagic Instrument
Magic IntangibilityMagic IntuitionMagic Invisibility
Magic LordshipMagic ModeMagic Negation
Magic Negation FieldMagic Pillar ProjectionMagic Portal Creation
Magic ReflectionMagic ReplicationMagic Resistance
Magic ResonanceMagic RingMagic Sealing
Magic SwordMagic UnificationMagic Vision
Magic Wave EmissionMagic WeaponryMagic Whip Generation
Magical ArmMagical ArmorMagical Beam Emission
Magical Blade ConstructionMagical Bomb GenerationMagical Charm Creation
Magical Charm ManipulationMagical Clothing GenerationMagical Communication
Magical ConstructsMagical Energy AbsorptionMagical Energy Generation
Magical Energy ManipulationMagical Energy PhysiologyMagical Energy Solidification
Magical Energy StorageMagical Entity CreationMagical Entity Physiology
Magical Environment ManipulationMagical FeathersMagical Flight
Magical Force ManipulationMagical HeartMagical Medicine Manipulation
Magical MetabolizationMagical Object ManipulationMagical Particle Manipulation
Magical Platform CreationMagical Polearm ConstructionMagical Power Link
Magical RegenerationMagical Shield ConstructionMagical Smoke Manipulation
Magical SymbiosisMagical TearsMagical Telekinesis
Magical TelepathyMagical Trap ConstructionMagical Wall Generation
Magical Wing ManifestationMagically Enhanced PhysiologyMagicians Intuition
MagiportationMagitek PhysiologyMagma Absorption
Magma ArmorMagma ArtilleryMagma Attacks
Magma AuraMagma Ball ProjectionMagma Beam Emission
Magma Blade ConstructionMagma BlastMagma Bomb Generation
Magma Bow ConstructionMagma CombatMagma Constructs
Magma Creature CreationMagma EmbodimentMagma Infusion
Magma ManipulationMagma MimicryMagma Mode
Magma Polearm ConstructionMagma RegenerationMagma Sealing
Magma SolidificationMagma SymbiosisMagma Weaponry
Magnesium ManipulationMagnetic ArtilleryMagnetic Attacks
Magnetic AuraMagnetic Ball Projection
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