The power to absorb Lunar Energy to enhance and strengthen the user.

Also Called

* Lunar Empowerment

* Lunar Energy Absorption

* Luna-Photosynthesis

* Moon Affinity

* Moon Empowerment

* Night Affinity


* Enhanced Condition

* Enhanced Durability

* Enhanced Regeneration

* Enhanced Speed

* Enhanced Strength

* Self-Sustenance


* Energy Absorption

* Lunar Manipulation

* Water Manipulation


* May be weaker during the day.

* May only absorb energy from certain phases of moon.

Known Users

* Werewolves (Folklore, when under a full moon)

* Ginei Morioka (Rosario+Vampire)

* Waterbenders (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

* Luna Child (Touhou)

* Vampires (Folklore)

* Moon Knight (Marvel Comics)

* Arlon the Serene (Kid Icarus Uprising)

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