The power to be the source of all lust. Source-power of Lust Embodiment. Sub-power of Omnimalevolence. Variation of Emotional Source, Tantric Derivation and Primordial Lust Manipulation. Dark version of Love Derivation and Tantric Derivation. Not to be confused with just Lust Embodiment or Tantric Derivation.

Also Called

  • Lust Force/Source
  • The Force/Source of All Lust


The user is the source of absolute/perfect/primordial lust in every living being everywhere, directly to cosmic/universal scales. Users being the binding existence together by the force/energy of lust. Giving the users instant and total dominion over all the powers of lust, dark desires, excitement, fervor, dark hungers, twisted libidos, longing, forced sensuality and sexuality, and a deep thirst that can never be filled. As long as they exist all that is lust and everything connected to it does as well.

If the possibility exists that user ever were to die or be killed, then everything about lust would cease to exist alongside the user, making everyone incapable of feeling or having lust thoughts, everywhere.




  • Eternal Bond and Power Inheritance
    • The user cannot escape being the source of all lust without passing it to another, as their must always be a Lust.
  • If the user were to die or manage to be killed, all lust in the cosmos would stop and the user would die/vanish. All forced dark sexual acts and thoughts stop everywhere.

Known Users


  • Asmodeus (Abrahamic Faiths)
  • Babalon (Thelema)

Tabletop games

  • Slaanesh (warhammer franchise)


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