The power to induce the dark emotion of lust into others. Sub-power of Lust Manipulation. Variation of Emotion Inducement, Sexual Inducement and Vice Inducement. Opposite to and dark counterpart of Love Inducement. Not to be confused with just Sexual Inducement, however it is apart of it.

Also Called

  • Dark Attraction
  • Dark Hyper-Sexual Arousal
  • Dark Sexual Attraction
  • Licentiousness


The user can induce lust into others, including the lust for the user or lust for another person. Effects will vary depending on the user's skill and power: Those subjected to this ability may develop a strong infatuation for somebody but will remain in control of themselves, or they may feel so much lust for somebody that they have an intense desire to take that person as their own, becoming completely dominant and possessive over them which can lead to a far worse situation such as rape or even murder, becoming a dark and evil vice. The effect is usually instant, but in some cases, it may slowly take effect the more the victim meets the user/another.

This power is a natural ability for the embodiment of lust, darker and more powerful love and sex deities, sexual demons and darker empaths.




  • The user can only induce lustful feelings, not love.
  • May be always on and/or involuntary.
  • Some empaths may be able to counter this ability.
  • May be affected by sexual preference.
    • Opposite genders may hinder this ability depending on the strength of the user or natural flow of the power.
    • May not always work on aliens or those with radically different biology.
  • May cause unwanted attention. It certainly makes being unnoticed harder.
  • May require to touch like skin to skin contact if not able to induce through sight or will.
  • It doesn't have an affect on those who have Seduction Immunity, Indomitable Will or Apathy.
  • Purification and Omni Purification can remove the vice of lust.
  • Demonic Power Negation

Known Users


  • Asmodeus (Abrahamic Faiths)
  • Lilith (Abrahamic Religions/Jewish Mythology)
  • Qetesh (Canaanite/Egyptian Mythology)
  • Meridiana (De nugis curialium)
  • Incubus & Succubus (Folklore/Demonology/Mythology)
  • Kamadeva (Hindu Mythology)
  • Aphrodite/Venus (Greco-Roman Mythology)
  • The Erotes (Greco-Roman Mythology)
    • Anteros
    • Eros/Cupid
    • Himeros
    • Hermaphroditus
  • Priapus (Greek Mythology)
  • Agrat Bat Mahlat (Jewish Mythology)
  • Naamah (Jewish Mythology)
  • Eisheth Zenunim (Jewish Mythology)
  • Milda (Lithuanian Mythology)
  • Freyja (Nordic Mythology)
  • Satan (Satanism)


  • Lukas (Charmed)
  • Cenobites (Hellraiser)
  • Lust (Supernatural)
  • Fairy Godmother (Shrek 2)
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