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The ability to create lava/magma bombs. Sub-power of Magma Attacks. Variation of Earth Bomb Generation. Combination of Volatile Constructs and Lava Generation.

Also Called

  • Lava Bomb Generation


The user can create bombs/explosives made of lava/magma. Upon detonation, the blast can spread molten earth over a wide area, causing severe burns and melting surrounding targets along with the concussive force of the explosion.



Known Users

  • Magma Man (Mega Man 9)
  • Mega Man (Mega Man); while equipped with the Magma Bazooka
  • Sorcerers (TERA)
  • Vulcan (Smite)
  • Digimon that can learn Magma Bomb (Digimon World)
  • Shadow Wings (Dreamworks Dragons)
  • Bazelgeuse (Monster Hunter World)