The ability to have magnetic skin. May stem from Magnetism Manipulation and Metal Mimicry. Opposite to Lateral Repulsion.

Also Called

  • Magnetism Skin
  • Magnet Skin
  • Magnetic Touch


The user's skin has the qualities of a magnet. The skin becomes able to magnetize to certain metals so the skin basically conducts metal. Some can turn this ability off while some just have it automatically on.


  • Hide metallic weapons and armor onto one's own body without the needs of holsters and straps.
  • Wallcrawling and Wallrunning on metal-plated ceilings, walls and drainpipes.
  • It is possible to collect money by walking. Only certain money, because not all change is magnetic.



  • If the ability is involuntary, it could be problematic against lightning storms, metallic objects in the environment, and many others.
  • Magnets may disrupt and disturb magnetism of skin.
  • May be sensitive to EM effects and disturbances.

Known Users

  • James (DWP)
  • Rollermines (Hλlf-Life 2 series)
  • Ultra the Multi-Alien (DC Comics)
  • Deathstroke (Lois and Clark)


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