The ability to manipulate magnetic forces in conjunction with gravitational forces in unison. Variation of Elemental Mixture. Combination of Magnetism Manipulation and Gravity Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Gravitoelectromagetism
  • Gravitational-Magnetic Manipulation
  • Gravitational-Magnetism Manipulation
  • Gyro-Magnetokinesis
  • Magne-Gravitokinesis
  • Magnetic-Gravitational Manipulation


User can utilize magnetic, electromagnetic and gravitational forces all in unison for a quantity of effects. Enabling the push, pull, bending, straightening of electromagnetic fields as well as regular attraction/repulsion forces in conjunction with the subtle or intense manipulation of gravity fields for the purpose of changing and altering one's immediate surroundings, be it in a relatively small area of effect or a larger, vaster scale. By creating customized electromagnetic fields, users can create a personalized Effect Field where the laws of physics have little to no hold upon them. This can also take the form of creating a personalized gravitational field, bending and twisting light around them for invisibility, and spontaneous transport via the creation of Tachyon fields.

The creation of materialized hard-light constructs is also possible via manipulation of the EM spectrum and other electromagnetic phenomenon. Various forces can be manipulated for varying purpose, from supportive, offensive, to even defensive. Precise control of these effects allow users to Transmute and manipulate cosmological forces for the purpose of conjuring and converting various resources.




  • Difficult ability to control, power necessity for use may become an issue.

Known Objects

  • Solid Wing (Battle Angel Alita); advanced TUNED weapon.
  • Abaddon (Battle Angel Alita); Tiphares main shield/sword.
  • Sword of Damocles (Battle Angel Alita: last order); set of stealth satellites.
  • Antimatter Manipulation Principle/AMP (Final Fantasy XIII)
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