The power to use the abilities of malora. Variation of Mythical Bestiary and Horse Physiology.

Also Called

  • Headless Mule Mimicry/Physiology
  • Malora Mimicry


Users with this ability is or can transform into malora, also known as "the headless mule" (mula sem cabeça in Portuguese) or "priests wife", the malora, as it is called in the Hispanic versions, is actually a cursed woman who was damned for having a romance with a priest.

Cursed by a witch or another supernatural being whom she angered, she became the embodiment of her lust: an equine creature, since the horse symbolizes unrestrained desire, covered in the fires that represent her passion.

The maloras head and lower parts are consumed by these fires, which prevent her from thinking and reasoning, thus she gallops through the night aimlessly during the full moon leaving trails of scorched earth behind her. Anyone who gets in her way is either trampled or burnt to a crisp. No one can mount her due to the fiery flames that exist in place of her hairs. The only way to free the woman from this curse is to take from her mouth the iron object that she bites, thus releasing her from her monster form.



There are certain variations of the story which attest the existence of male maloras, when a man loves a holy woman and then becomes the beast.



  • User may lose their coherence.
  • If the user's ability stems directly from the normal curse, removing the iron object the malora bites will remove the curse and return the user to normal.

Known Users

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