The power to convert mass into energy. Sub-power of Mass Manipulation. Variation of Particle Acceleration.


The user can transfuse any internal body of matter into raw dynamism by agitating the atoms in base substance for the transition and projection of molecular energy as destructive force.




  • Useless against Mass Manipulation.
  • Once mass has been spent, affected elements will dissolve into nothingness.
  • Organics burn out quicker than inorganic items.
  • Tactile power, requires medium to work through for initiation.
  • Larger objects take more stamina to discharge.
  • Blast yield is equivocal to the the size and density of the chosen object.
  • Power works differently depending on whatever is used.
    • Objects without a topological focal point to vent it's converted mass becomes denotative instead.
  • Use of firearms is prohibited due to agitation of gunpowder.
  • May only work through a medium.

Known Users

  • Andrew Van Horn (DC Comics)
  • Gunfire 1000000 (DC Comics)
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