(Leland has been said to increase the mass in some sources but actual sources says he just increases the gravitational pull of objects or people. He doesn't control mass.)
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==Known Users==
==Known Users==
*Starboy (''DC Comics'')
*Starboy (''DC Comics'')
*Harry Leland "Black Bishop" (''Marvel'')
Black_Bishop_001.jpg|Harry Leland (Marvel) the Black Bishop of The Hellfire Club
[[Category:Mental Power]]
[[Category:Mental Power]]

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The power to change the mass of objects or entities. Sub-power of Molecular Manipulation.

Also Called

  • Mass Alteration
  • Mass Shifting


The user has complete control over the mass of objects or entities, from dense to absolutely lightened while retaining their physical proportions. Users who can decrease their own mass can move easier through various environments and not worry about planetary gravitational pulls.




  • May be limited to manipulating the mass of either oneself, others or objects.
  • May be limited to only increasing or decreasing mass.
  • One has to be careful when increasing their mass too much to avoid becoming immobile.

Known Users

  • Starboy (DC Comics)
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