The power to swap the material substance of anything/everything. Sub-power of Matter Manipulation. Not to be confused with Matter Substitution or Property Transference.

Also Called

  • Material Exchange/Transference
  • Substance Exchange/Swapping/Transference


User can swap the material substance of anything/everything regardless of its nature, including solids, liquids, gases, energy, Exotic, Alien/Foreign, impossible and/or non-physical materials/substances. This can lead to creation of impossible objects, like books with pages made of glass instead of paper, chairs made of fire, appliances (like toasters, microwaves, etc) made of things like wood or stone, clothing made of water, etc.

Objects with their materials swapped retain all their original characteristics, so a chair made of water would be impossible to sit on under normal circumstances, objects would also retain their original form and shape even if it should be physically impossible depending on the substance its made of.




  • Only material substances can be exchanged/swapped.

Known Users


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