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[[Category:Brain Functional Powers]]
[[Category:Brain Functional Powers]]
[[Category:Rare power]]
[[Category:Rare power]]
[[Category:Power with one user]]

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The power to destroy memories. Sub-power of Memory Manipulation. Ultimate form of Memory Erasure.

Also Called

  • Complete Memory Erasure
  • Memory Nullification


User can destroy any/all memories a target has, up to/including muscle memory. Destroyed memories are completely unrecoverable by any form of Memory Restoration. Usage of this power can lead to personality alterations from lack of memories.

Unlike memory erasure this power makes it so the person never had the memories to begin with by destroying even the subconscious links that hold the brains memories.




  • Users of Brainlessness and Hive Mind are immune.
  • Erased memories are irrevocably destroyed/gone, barring something on the level of divine intervention.
  • Users of Panmnesia are immune.

Known Users

  • Index (A Certain Magical Index)
  • D-Boy/Slade (Tekkaman Blade); via Blastor Mode


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