The power to feed off the memories of others in order to sustain oneself. Variation of Psi Vampirism.

Also Called

  • Memory Metabolization


User can feed of and sustain either themselves or their powers by feeding off the memories of others. Sometimes this may be done to feed a being higher than the vampire itself. This may sometimes result in death to the victim or may be so subtle it is never noticed.



  • May only be able to feed off certain memories.
  • Creatures with this ability may die if they are prevented from feeding for an extended period of time.

Known Users

  • Raem (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles)
  • Dementors (Harry Potter series)
  • Demon Beetles/Bugs (Sky Wizards Academy)
  • Akhaten (Doctor Who)
  • Dodo (MapleStory)
  • The Erazor (Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL)
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