The power to assimilate and be composed by multiple minds all fuse into one. Variation of Unimind.

Also Called

  • Composite Mind Physiology
  • Mental Unification
  • Mind Fusion


User assimilate any mind of any sentient being and add it to the users mind and enhancing their mental capabilities. By assimilating minds users own mind becomes more powerful and evolves to higher levels of power.




  • May find hard to unify or fuse all assimilated minds together.
  • May overload from assimilating too many minds.
  • May not work against users of Separation and Anti Storage.

Known Users

  • Myriad (DC Comics)
  • Elder Brains (Forgotten Realms)
  • Hecatomb (Marvel Comics)
  • Supreme Intelligence (Marvel Comics)
  • Legion (Marvel Comics)
  • Godseeker (Hollow Knight)


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